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 A Family Owned Company

Tyler Dubuque started this company with the community in mind. His dream is to grow the business with his wife and give back to the people around him. Tyler is an active community member, coach, father, and husband. The values of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and community are integral to himself, the business, and what he wishes to pass onto his children. When you contract with NW Ridgeline you will not be disappointed! Your satisfaction is our guarantee! 

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About NW Ridgeline

We are a small family-owned business with exceptional values and high aspirations. The Dubuque family takes pride in the work that we do and we will always stay true to our word. No project is too big or too small, we will do it all! We don't shy away from any project. If we can't fit your needs, then chances are that we will be able to find somebody who can. 

Our family has deep roots in the Pacific Northwest and we have the necessary connections to take on any project! When you choose NW Ridgeline you get that home-town, trustworthy feel of a small business coupled with the experience and rock-solid know-how of a large enterprise contractor. 

Our business is all about solving problems. NW Ridgeline's commitment to excellence is a guarantee to our customers that when they choose us for their next home improvement project they are getting the best service in the industry. 

We do everything by the books. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. 

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Our Process

NW Ridgeline will never skip a step or cut corners. We will begin each job with a no-obligation consultation going over what your needs and timeline are. After thoroughly discussing your needs we will calculate the total cost of the project and give you a cost estimate and feasible timeline. When you decide to move forward with NW Ridgeline we will do everything in our power to deliver a quality project that exceeds all your expectations. After we dot all the I's and cross all the T's we will go over your property together to ensure that your needs have been met!

Architect Checking Plans


Free Preconstruction Consultation

We come to your location free of charge to survey the property and assess your needs.

Accounting Documents


Design & Construction Estimate

After our initial property assessment, we will provide you with a cost estimate and timeline.


On-Site Consultations

After we get all the details set and you commit to our services we will commence construction. We will get the job done, true to our word all the while we will exceed your expectations.

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The Finishing


Upon completion of the project, you will be able to survey the property for completion and ask for adjustments if needed,

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Our Service Guarantee

NW Ridgeline is built on rock-solid values. We will get the job done right the first time with no surprise charges and fees. Our firm wants to set ourselves apart from the competition through our exceptional services, attention to detail, and great attitudes. No need to worry about sketchy contractors again, we have you covered!

Whatever your project needs, our company is poised for problem solving. Do not hesitate to call us for all your home-improvement projects!

Rock-Solid Values, Rock-Solid Performance

Community Building

Create your dream home.
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